What is Black Five??


Black Five is great card game that you play with two or more players.

We're working on a version that you can play online, so you can challenge friends and family, compete in league tables, or just pass time challenging our computer opponents.

We're not quite ready to launch yet, but we will be soon!
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How do I play Black Five

Black five is a card shedding game, similar to 'Crazy Eights' or Uno. Except it's a much more interesting variation! There are more 'action cards' than most other variations, which can make for a longer and more exciting game.

Each player is given five (sometimes seven) cards, the remaining cards are placed face down in a pile, and the top card is placed face up to start a new pile, the 'stack'. Players take turns, usually starting with the player on the dealers left, continuing to the left. On a player's turn, they try to place one of their cards upon the stack, but the card must match either the face value, or the suit of the top card. In certain circumstances the player may be able to play more than one card.

If the player cannot play a card, they must take the top card from the pile of face down cards. When the player has only one card left, they must declare to the group 'last card', if they do not, when they try to play their last card, they are required to take another, and have not won.

Action cards
Combination play

A player may play 'runs' of cards, either cards of the same face value, card of the same suit in adjacent ascending or descending order, or a combination of the two. For example, if the top card in the stack was the Four of Spades, the player might play the Four, Five and Six of spades, then the Six and Five of clubs, in that order. This can also be done in conjunction with action cards 'Queen follows suit', and/or 'Jack back to me'. Variations of this rule disallow playing runs of the same face value, runs of cards in the same suit, combining the two, and/or playing runs in conjunction with Action cards.